Dec 7, 2009


Centralized network systems used are a burden only mengambat because only the central server for processing and data transmission. Alternative solutions can be used tedistrubusi network systems that use more than one server, so that the selected servers for sending and receiving data processing later selected the most maximum capacity.
The use of ASP is running on the Windows NT operating system can not cope with large networks and large, families can use the Unix-based operating system like Linux is proven performancenya better if a bear to handle network and wide.
Use of BNI / BRI as a terminal in the PPD-II with a small bandwidth, is also effective if it occurs simultaneously so that data transmission can be selected as the main terminal Telkom Telkom is considering having more bandwtih adequate to handle large data. Read more

(soure: Krisnawati, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Vol 1, No 1 (2000))


Matlab was originally known simply as "Matrix Laboratory", but in accordance with the development of Matlab is a powerful language for technical computing. Inside are counting ability, visualization, and programming in an environment that is easy to use because of problems and solutions are expressed in ordinary mathematical notation. Image manipulation aims to improve the quality of the previous image has been contaminated with noise. To manipulate the image begins with the image improvement process, filtration (filter), inversions, and ending with modeling in the histogram.
Read more Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists

(soure: Krisnawati, Sudarmawan, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Vol 3, No 4 (2002))


The process of auditing ensures that regulations, policies, and procedures are carried out in a manner that is consistent with your organization's standards. From an audit, you can determine whether computer usage and escalation processes are in place, if security is adequate, and if privilege-granting processes are appropriate.
Read more Database Security and Auditing: Protecting Data Integrity and Accessibility

(source: Muhammad Rudiyanto Arief, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Vol 9, No 2 (2008))

STMIK AMIKOM Digital Map-Based Script and Macromedia Flash Vector

Multimedia applications of digital maps can be used as a medium for information placed on the building in an interesting STMIK AMIKOM.Dibuat and communicative so interesting and can provide information room. Read more GIS Tutorial: Workbook for ArcView 9

(source: Feri Nugroho, Danang Wresniwira Harimurthy, Dwi Iswanto, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Tugas Akhir Jurusan Manajemen Informatika, 2009)


There are two ways to retrieve image from image database, they are : text based image ritrieval and content based image ritrieval. The concentration of this research is doing the second way.

We have been implemented color fitur such as color histogram, color moment and color language tag in three application for image ritrieval.

From three fitur of color that we use, color histogram has same power with color language tag but color moment has less power.

(source: Kusrini Kusrini, Agus Harjoko, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Vol 9, No 2 (2008))

Nov 14, 2009

Decision Support System To Buy Computer for Matriculate Case Study Widya Computer Yogyakarta

In making a decision support applications are prioritized sfisien analysis and effective to the problems that arise so that the results achieved can help solving problems with accuracy. The use of Visual Basic 6.0 application and SQL Server 2000 is easy to understand. And when a mistake is made in the writing of the notification program or application information is very clear that we immediately find the location of the writing errors. Read more Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems (8th Edition)

(source: Karifuddin Dalanggo, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2009)

Making applications at Mac.Flash Cartoon Vidio Clips 2 Dimension song "Bintang Kecil"

Now with the rise of technology development in drawing, especially in the manufacture and design video animation, providing a broad impact and facilitate the development of the field of computer graphics. With the existence of human nature is not easily satisfied, who wanted more than that already exist, for example with the computer that initially functions as a tool to solve a problem is with the nature that never satisfied the developed computer function as entertainment. For example advertising, movies, video clips, cartoons and others - others.

We have not only cartoons but the video clips are also very popular cartoon many people, not just kids - kids who like to be but with time as the development of the animated cartoons many adults are also popular. We have highly developed animated cartoons, not like the old days are very simple. Costs because they are very expensive so only the company of old - only big companies that can make a cartoon film. In contrast to the present, many small companies and even individuals can make an animated cartoon without a huge cost and a long time, because now there is a multimedia computer technology.

With the opportunity that many people who like the cartoon it can create a business opportunity to pursue making animated cartoons. Based on the above reasons the author made a video clip 2-dimensional cartoon. So in making this thesis the author took the title "Making Applications Mac.Flash on Cartoon Vidio Clips 2 Dimension song"Bintang Kecil".

The author will explain the process of video production from pre production, production and post production. By using the software Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Adobe photoshop CS2, Adobe Audition, Adobe premiere pro. Read more New Perspectives on Macromedia Flash 8, Comprehensive (New Perspectives (Paperback Course Technology))

(source: Yunis Putrianawati, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2009)


With the creation of this expert system application problems and the shortage of expert breeders difficult to immediately identify the infected poultry resolved, with this expert system the user can interact with such systems, as he consulted with experts. Complex problems arising delam identify bird flu in poultry, can be handled by using expert systems.

Probability of Bayes methods have been able to answer the uncertainty factor of incomplete data and knowledge. Read more Expert Systems: Principles and Programming, Fourth Edition

(source: Amikom Margeretta, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2007)

Interactive CD-based Multimedia for Learning Psikotes (2008)

Interactive learning applications Psikotes ultimedia this then provides several advantages and convenience for users, especially prospective employees and students to study psycho. In addition, these multimedia applications can be an alternative media additional information besides other information media. Users will be interested to learn Psikotes lebuh with this interactive CD made. These multimedia applications and provide psycho tests according to the options menu and provides the user to choose kebebesan or information necessary psycho so focused and remember about what was delivered. Read more Macromedia Director MX 2004 VTC Training CD

(source: Vichi Idamy, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2008)


The conclusion that can be collected by the author during the study and design of information systems, among others: the creation of information systems, web-based sales will be more interactive and easier because it can be accessed without restrictions of space, place and time, the system web-based sales information, differences in platform (operating system ) no longer a barrier, because the web system to support cross-platform, compared to other software (previously), the program that made writers have an advantage, especially back office administrative problems, with its capabilities, the software is made eligible for the writer in AMIKOM implemantasikan .

Users are advised attention to shortcomings and weaknesses that can be resolved penyalesaiaanya. Database that is used is still using Microsoft Access, can be developed into a Microsoft SQL Server. If public confidence is good for a credit card, payment can be developed that way. Read more MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-448): Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance (Self-Paced Training Kits)
Access 2007: The Missing Manual

(source: Andi Sunyoto, Journal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2009)

Analysis and Design Website For Media Promotion and Information at Junior High School (SMP NEGERI 5 PURWOREJO)

This school website is made with a combination of PHP programming language and MySQL as a database management system so that the website is more dynamic because the information can be changed and added all the time by a designated administrator with the school. With the official site facilitates the SMP NEGERI 5 PURWOREJO in supporting the promotion and school information such as information about the benefits of good school facilities, and other presentations can be accessed anytime, anywhere online. In the implementation of this online promotion system in the calculation of cost and benefit analysis is very profitable with the school, because in addition to reducing operating costs, human resources available in SMP NEGERI 5 PURWOREJO also be developed, as well as school prestige as the National Standard school also increased. Advantages include daweb this school like the look and color design is very futuristic and easy to understand its visitors in addition to the presentation of sufficient facilities needed. While its weakness is the display of web pages in various browsers do not support, for now only supports Internet Explorer can be. Read more PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)

(source: Wawan Setiawan, Jurnal Dasi AMIKOM, Skripsi Jurusan Sistem Informasi, 2009)